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Thursday, January 7th, 2010
9:29 pm - Whatever happened to celamowari?
How funny is it that I couldn't imagine shutting this place down a year ago, and now I can't see the point in continuing to post here? Things can sure change your mind in 12 months.

I'm not abandoning this account, or deleting this journal. I will still be checking LJ from time to time. And this journal will stand for as long as it is allowed. It holds a lot of memories - some bad, most good.

I am connected with most of you elsewhere, but if we're not, here are some links :




I'd be really delighted to keep up with all of my friends from LJ. But, I'll also understand if some of you don't want to follow. I will still be following you here, so it's not as if I'm falling off the face of the Earth. I'll still be commenting, promise!

It's been a great ride, LiveJournal. "Captain Satellite's Fun Fun Central" is now closed for business.

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Wednesday, November 4th, 2009
1:27 am - Firegirl Birthday Surprise For sara_the_puu

Sarapuu's Birthday Surprise
by ~celamowari on deviantART

On my birthday, my talented friend Sara surprised me with a brand-new pic of my character Firegirl. Since Sara has adopted Firegirl to the point that I consider her the character's godmother, I felt it only appropriate to pay her back.

I tried to do some different things here. For one, Firegirl is drawn in my usual style, but the Sara figure is my attempt to emulate her cartoon version of herself. I didn't even come close to succeeding, but I still kind of like what I did. Hopefully, I can incorporate it into my regular work.

If the coloring looks different, that's because it was done by hand in crayon. I was inspired by Sara's pic to take this approach to see how it looked. The scan sort of takes the shine out of it, but I think it is rather neat with my style. I may try it again in the future.

Happy birthday, Sara!

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Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009
12:25 am - First there is a mountain, then there is no mountain, then there is
There is something oddly poetic about LiveJournal making a big hoo-har over the new option for paid/permanent accounts to display ads and earn money from them this week. Gosh, and I'll just bet LJ isn't making a cent off this deal. They are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts, for their loyal users.


Having a paid account has been a fun time and all, but it has outlived its usefulness for me. There isn't enough on the site anymore. And frankly, I've lost my will to maintain the journal schedule that has been the norm here. So the paid account expires Friday or Saturday and I will downgrade. With the exception of my infrequent phone posts being absent, there probably won't be much difference from the last couple of years.

Speaking of the last couple of years...

I can't pinpoint where my journal started losing steam, but it happened somewhere along the way. There have been a few things that pumped MY enthusiasm back up, but it didn't really last. And this year...oy, this year.

I started my second blog on Blogger, and it has sort of taken off. But the new blog has gradually usurped some of the material that would have been posted here. It's become harder and harder to maintain interest in the journal when I've carved out a big piece of its content and shipped it somewhere else. That left...

Well, some stuff that I probably needed to get out of my system. That didn't make it any easier to write, much less to read. I'm not ashamed of it, but I can't say it was my proudest moment either. I'm pretty sure it was the final nail in the coffin of carrying on business as usual here. It changed the tone back to something I thought I'd left behind me, and, I suspect, drove at least one person away from posting to their LiveJournal for good. I deeply regret that part of the equation. Sincerely.

But as I've said, what's done is done, and we move on. I think the uncomfortable phase has passed, but what I'm left with is a journal that I love but which has grown a little tired and stale. There are still a few of you who drop by and read it, but it mostly feels like I'm talking to myself these days. Nothing wrong with that, but less and less people even care about LiveJournal. I have to explain what LJ is to almost everyone now.

Still, this isn't a grand farewell for me. I'll still be here; just a little less than I used to be. There are new places to explore, and new worlds to conquer. This journal holds a special place in my heart, so I'll continue to use it until the day the plug gets pulled on this site entirely. Sadly, I don't feel like that last bit is hyperbole. To me, it's not a question of "if", but "when".

It's been fun, LiveJournal. But after this week, I won't be giving you any more money.

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Monday, September 14th, 2009
1:02 am - My Onda

When I was little, I used to call my older sister Rhonda, "Onda". She thought that was really cute. But then, I was her little brother, and almost everything I did was adorable to her.

Rhonda was my half-sister, and sixteen years my senior. She had moved out by the time I became aware of my surroundings. I really didn't see her that much as I was growing up, and honestly, didn't see her that much afterward either. It was hard to think of her as my sister in the way that Amy, my younger sister, is my sister. It was different. But I still loved her all the same.

I learned this morning that Rhonda had become very sick, but for reasons of her own, she hadn't wanted us to know (she lived in Texas). Her boyfriend called to tell us that she had gone into a coma. This evening, I learned that she was gone. In 24 hours, I've gone from not knowing anything about her illness to having to say goodbye. It's hard.

I love you, Onda. I wish I could hug you and tell you that one more time.

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Tuesday, August 4th, 2009
8:27 pm - Of Interest To Frank Miller/Daredevil Fans
(crossposted from dA earlier today, which never happens)

"Gormuu", the major domo of the Marvel Masterworks website, is currently part of the team sorting through Marvel's vast library of film negatives. This is an attempt to catalog everything, and will hopefully improve Marvel's reprint projects in the future.

'Muu has set up a Twitter account http://twitter.com/gormuu and is updating via iPhone. There are a number of fascinating discoveries already. Among them is the film for the cover to DAREDEVIL #158, the first issue drawn by a guy named Frank Miller.


Neat, huh?

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Thursday, July 9th, 2009
8:13 pm - 2000 Entries
So, here we are.

This journal launched almost 6 years ago to the day - July 13, 2003


The 1000th entry came almost 3 years ago - August 17, 2006


A lot has happened during this time. Too much for 6 years, really. I've made new friends, achieved goals, and seen my life change in really fantastic ways. I went to places I never dreamed of visiting, and did stuff I never imagined I'd get to do. I created. And I loved, and was loved.

And now? Today, as I sit and type out these words, the frightening thing is that, after all of those changes and milestones, my life...is almost exactly where it was 6 years ago. Wiser? I hope so. Richer? Absolutely, if not necessarily financially. But I find myself in a place that feels eerily familiar. I guess that is because I've spent so much time here.

I had no idea what this journal would become when I started it. I don't think I could've guessed it would turn out to be the most consistent thing I'd end up doing on the Internet. It has traveled a long, strange path these last 6 years, and it has only sporadically been a source of pride or accomplishment. But it's always been here, even when I took vacations from it. And yes, even when I deleted it one night in a fit of pique I can no longer adequately recall. For good or bad, this journal has been a reflection of who I am better than anything else I've ever done. It's seen the creative, the sincere, the affectionate, the joyful, the silly, the angry, the bored, the despairing - all of this and so, so much more have made up this little corner of the world wide web.

In 2006, the future seemed limitless for my journal. Today, I tend to think it's time may run out sooner or later. LiveJournal has undergone enough upheavals that even I - a person who pays zero attention to such things - questions whether it will continue to exist. And even if it does, I wonder whether the English language side of the place will be eliminated. There's enough uncertainty that I elected to create a blog over on Blogspot. Plans were altered for this, and it now exists as something parallel to my journal. You can read it on LJ at owariblog, my newly created feed for it here.

With the advent of the blog, and my goals for it, this journal has understandably taken a backseat in terms of everything but my personal issues and the occasional bit of levity. Honestly? I don't know how that's going to play out. Many of the people who were reading once are not anymore, or at the least aren't regulars. That doesn't really matter as far as this space goes, but it's always more fun when you know you have an audience. Mine has been steadily diminishing over time.

As we stand today, this journal is going to continue for the forseeable future. Its contents are subject to my whims, just like always. There may come a day when I tire of it and shut it down. More likely, it will be yanked from me kicking and screaming when the site itself goes down. I've accepted that probability, and have made the arrangements when and if it comes. But I won't be going anywhere until I'm forced out.

This seems like a good place to mention a few people by name. Well, username.

kazekage - One of my oldest friends, and the reason I got started at this joint all those years ago. We've taken different roads with this nonsense over the years, but I still marvel at your ability to turn a phrase.

rigantona - There almost from the beginning, and always a welcoming and friendly voice. We don't talk that much anymore, and I regret that fact. But I always want you to know that I consider you a good friend.

harvestmoon38 & eroseternum - My sister and her best friend, respectively. Always able to make me laugh or listen to me when I needed it. Things are understandably different than they were 6 years ago, but I still love you guys.

davinx - Another friend of long-standing, still reading after all this time. Thanks for a lot of stuff, pal.

igadevil - Oh Iga, you always dazzle me with something, and for that alone, you'd have my gratitude. But there's been more than that, oh yes.

kabukikatze/kabuki_studios - Just because your accounts are long dead doesn't mean I can't recognize you for your impact on me and this journal. You were a breath of fresh air when I needed it most. Glad you are enjoying yourself more at kabukiblog.

pentapuss - Where have you gone, Ivy? It's been too long, and your presence always makes this old blogging platform more enjoyable.

puu_chan/sara_the_puu - Sara, if I had to make a list of the positives you've brought to my life, it would take up an entire journal entry at least. Suffice to say you've made a difference, and anywhere I go up will be because you helped me get there. Thank you for your friendship and...for everything.

There have been many others that have passed through these parts, and I regret that I can't list all of you. Trust me when I say that everyone that has read and commented brought something interesting to the table. Yeah, even that one.

So I close this entry now, on my beloved journal that I suspect is living on borrowed time. I'm doing my best to bring some optimism to this, but frankly, that's not my mood right now. Plus, I really don't know what the future holds even for this place. If things run to course, I might make 3000 entries in 2012. That's assuming there is still a LiveJournal by then.

I'm not making assumptions. All of this could be gone tomorrow. But even if it is just so much dust in the wind, it's been a hell of a ride getting here.

Good night Mrs. Calabash, wherever you are.

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Monday, June 22nd, 2009
8:11 pm - Dallas Comegys
Dallas Comegys

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Thursday, June 4th, 2009
3:30 pm - Reasons To Love The Internet
I've been killing time reading Houston's craigslist, since the Lake Charles version is so deadly boring. Well, imagine my delight when I found what MUST be a real ad. If it's not real, it is terrible, terrible spam.


Since this is too good to be lost to history, here is the text. Adult situation, technically.

Want free video games/ (Southwest Houston)

Date: 2009-06-02, 8:13PM CDT

To be absolutely short I am offering 8 (eight) PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii games to any hot, yet average girl who is willing to be a co-star in my amateur pron film.

•Location: Southwest Houston
•it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests
•Compensation: 8 (eight) PS2, PSP, Xbox 360 and Wii games-do what you want: give them to family, trade em...pawn em if you want

OK, wow? I've submitted this gem for the "best of" CL already. And I have to confess, I sort of want to e-mail this person to find out how this turns out.

current mood: amused

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Tuesday, May 12th, 2009
4:46 pm - an avant garde movie of my life is currently filming
On my way home, I saw one of my neighbors riding a unicycle. In the middle of the country.

OK then.

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Thursday, April 23rd, 2009
10:16 pm - some of my best friends are mechanical
Today, I finished KIKAIDA 01. This concludes the astonishing three month span where I watched KIKAIDA, KIKAIDA 01, and RED BARON. That's 128 half hours of episodic television, and it doesn't even count all the bonus stuff from the JN discs. It's a little bittersweet to know that it's all finished and I'll never get to see anything new with any of those characters ever again. Still, a lot of fun was had.

KIKAIDA 01 is an odd, odd show. I am hoping to write more about this in the weeks and months ahead, but we'll see. While KIKAIDA is a classic, KIKAIDA 01 is something else entirely. It's not a bad show, but soooo wildly uneven that it's not the same sort of beast as its predecessor. I liked it, make no mistake, but it's just all over the map. I was never able to make it through the series without subtitles before, so I got to see a lot of things that were new to me.

I will tell you that I think WARUDA is one of my new favorite characters ever. I'd never watched any episodes with him before, and the layered complexity of of this guy blew me away. That was some heavy moral stuff for any kind of show in any country, especially in 1974. Hats off to them for that.

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Thursday, April 16th, 2009
1:06 am - The Kikaida Brothers Are Unbeatable!

I have been watching DVDs of the Japanese superhero programs JINZO NINGEN KIKAIDA and KIKAIDA 01 from Generation Kikaida since late January. It's been an interesting experience to follow these shows in chronological order. The sequel series isn't as successful as the original, but that is perhaps to be expected. It's also material for a different post entirely. No, today I want to talk about one of those amazing moments that can only be offered by Japanese hero shows.

I was watching KIKAIDA 01 a few days ago, and it seemed the bad guys of SHADOW finally had a foolproof plan. They shot Ichiro (Kikaida 01 himself) to the moon in a rocket ship, along with a couple of hapless civilians. Well, the baddies teleported themselves there to fight him. This meant that, though Ichiro had rigged the rocket to blast off, he had to stay behind. After the villains realized he was still kicking their tails, they departed too. This left Ichiro stranded all alone on the moon, with no hope of getting home.

But wait! What should appear in the lunar sky but ICHIRO'S MOTORCYCLE. It had been sent by Ichiro's android brother Jiro, who included a note explaining that his circuits had alerted him to Ichiro's plight and that the motorcycle was refueled and ready. A grateful Ichiro hopped on his bike and drove home. From the moon.

At that moment, I realized the villains in this show have no chance.

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Monday, April 13th, 2009
10:35 pm - Apparently, His Mustache Really Did Eat His Beard
Guys, you guys. Have you ever had a question that was kind of pesky, but you didn't know how to find the answer? I've long had that problem with WHAT'S UP, TIGER LILY? I love that movie, and even wrote about (albeit not particularly well) in my fanzine. One thing that always bothered me was that I could never learn the names of the two actors who played Shephard Wong's chief henchmen. These weren't small roles, but honkin' big ones. I mean, I could match names to several bit players, and not these guys? It was aggravating.

For the record, the main cast as I knew it was this :

Tatsuya Mihashi
Mie Hama
Akiko Wakabayashi
Susumu Kurobe
Tadao Nakamaru
Kumi Mizuno
Tetsu Nakamura
Hideyo Amamoto/Eisei Amamoto
Sachio Sakai
Makoto Sato

Well, last week, I stumbled on the website for Variety Japan, and discovered that they have probably the BEST cast listings for most Japanese films. Way better than jmdb, that's for sure. So last night, it occurred to me that I could look up the original Japanese movie that is most of TIGER LILY, and take it from there. So I did.


And lo, an answer was found. The guy referred to as "yellow smock" is played by SHOJI OKI.


And the bearded henchman? AKIYOSHI KASUGA, now SHUNJI KASUGA.


This is something that has been bothering me for at least 15 years. I can't believe I found the answer! But then, there is another question - namely, why did TIGER LILY pull footage from another movie?

Hmmm? Well, closer examination rather definitively reveals that neither Kumi Mizuno nor Makoto Sato were in the fabled KEY OF KEYS! They are in other films in the 5 picture "Kokusai Himitsu Keisatsu" series, but not that one. What's the deal? Which movie is it? Dunno. I'm investigating. But that's part of the fun!

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Friday, April 10th, 2009
2:28 am - Why I Love Translation Programs
Excite's Japanese-English translator just informed me that the translation for the title of the popular Japanese TV series SUKEBAN DEKA should be "Titty-boo detective".

I can totally see that.

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Tuesday, April 7th, 2009
12:26 am - In conclusion, Red Baron
I finished that goofy giant robot show today, and damn it for making me cry at the end. I wasn't expecting it to tug at my heartstrings like that. Maybe it's just the mood I'm in, but the waterworks started at the wrap-up. Good show, Red Baron.

And I'll be honest with you - considering I had zero expectations for it, RED BARON dazzled the heck out of me. This is a good show - I might even call it great. The lead (Yosuke Okada) seemed to me not particularly good at the outset, but either he got better or he grew on me. Maybe both? The rest of the cast is fantastic, especially Isao Tamagawa as the wacky comic relief inspector who is quite the badass in his own way. And Rei Maki as Mari Matsubara? That's pretty awesome for a former Kilaak!

As for the FX side, I will say that I preferred the robots from the first part of the series over the ones in the last few stories. The crazed "international" theme of things like ESCARGOS (from France, and yes, it is a giant motorized snail) never failed to bring a smile to my face.

It's also worth noting that RED BARON has an episode featuring this guy :

There's no way you can convince me he isn't awesome.

So, hats off to you, RED BARON. You are a fine, entertaining series.

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Saturday, April 4th, 2009
11:40 pm - Tonight's Post Brought To You By Jackson Browne
Gotta do what you can just to keep your love alive
Trying not to confuse it with what you do to survive

--"Running On Empty"

When you look over your shoulder
And you see the life that you've left behind
When you think it over do you ever wonder?
What it is that holds your life so close to mine

--"You Love The Thunder"

Nobody rides for free
Nobody gets it like they want it to be
Nobody hands you any guarantee


I'm going to find myself a girl
Who can show me what laughter means
And we'll fill in the missing colors
In each other's paint-by-number dreams

--"The Pretender"

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Tuesday, March 24th, 2009
8:51 pm - 5 Old Songs You Should Try
I get static from acquaintances sometimes because my music tastes tend to lean toward older stuff. In fact, I suspect some people might label my favorites "antediluvian", if only they knew what that word meant. But I feel like they're only cheating themselves. There are plenty of gems if they could only get over the fact that they pre-date their births.

I'm not down on current popular music as a rule, if only because that is an early warning sign that you are becoming an old codger. However, here is a list of 5 random songs over 25 years old that I would recommend to young whippersnappers, after I spray them with a hose and yell for them to get off my lawn.

"Gimme Shelter", The Rolling Stones - I'm not one of those people who buys into the Stones as "The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Band Of All Time", though I'll admit they make a credible case for that label by sheer longevity. However, "Gimme Shelter" is an amazing, transcendent song, and it still excites me whenever it begins. And I'm not a Stones fan!

"My Cherie Amour", Stevie Wonder - Honestly, I could rattle off at least a dozen Stevie Wonder songs as timeless masterpieces, but I'll go with this one as it is a favorite of mine. Stevie Wonder is one of the true geniuses of music over the last 50 years, and he's still out there making music. Plus, he still has his dignity - a rare commodity in the music biz.

"Suffragette City", David Bowie - Like Stevie Wonder, the trick is only picking one for Bowie - a man so far ahead of his time that it was scary. This is my favorite song off the landmark album The Rise and Fall of Ziggy Stardust and the Spiders from Mars, highlighted by some killer guitar work by Mick Ronson and memorable lyrics. Don't lean on me, man, 'cause you can't afford the ticket!

"Folsom Prison Blues", Johnny Cash - I think it is a testament to Cash's talent and influence that people who don't even care that much for country music consider themselves fans. And yes, I'd go with the live version from Folsom Prison itself, especially if it includes the opening with "Hello, I'm Johnny Cash."

"One Way Or Another", Blondie - Blondie managed the nigh-impossible feat of bridging the genres of punk, disco, and new wave without betraying any of them. And that's not even mentioning the fact that they scored the first ever #1 song with a rap interlude! (Wait, I just did...) This is a hard-driving song that is creepy when you think about it. Except you'll be too busy singing along to really think about it.

Do you have any musty old favorites you'd recommend to "the kids"?

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Monday, March 23rd, 2009
1:44 am - AGE OF THE GODS by Guy Tucker
I should tell you that I haven't read this book since 1996, and that's not going to be changing anytime soon. So this isn't going to be a proper "review"; rather, it is a collection of the impressions the book left on me. And believe me, it left quite an impression.

I remember unkind words said about this volume by more than one person way back in the days when it was new. It was never an opinion I shared. My suspicion is that those folks either had their own agendas or they let their view of the author color their view of his work. It'd be hard to argue that Guy Tucker could be a polarizing figure in some quarters. That doesn't change the fact that AGE OF THE GODS is possibly one of the most important English language works on Japanese science-fiction.

Guy Tucker could write passionately and intelligently about the Japanese sci-fi genre, and he did so with an insight perhaps unusual for a Western fan. Did I agree with everything he wrote in the book? Not at all. I rarely did when it came to anyone's reviews of genre works, and I also remember feeling some of his conclusions were off-base. That doesn't mean I thought they were valueless, since sometimes, it can be educational to read a well-reasoned dissenting voice.

AGE OF THE GODS, however, had problems. It was a book in desperate need of a proper editor, and it didn't get that treatment. It meandered at times and suffered from passages that felt either phoned in or incomplete. There were the inevitable mistakes that crept into the work as well. The most glaring was the assertion in its pages that Hiroshi Miyauchi had committed suicide! Well, that wasn't the case - Miyauchi had in fact just been a regular in the series CHORIKI SENTAI OHRANGER, and is still hale and hearty to this day. The confusion arose from the arrangement of the credits in THE WAR IN SPACE (1977) and Tucker's lack of knowledge of the superhero genre. It was a simple case of mistaken identity, but it was very unfortunate considering the ultimate fate of Masaya Oki (the person Tucker had meant).

The flaws in AGE OF THE GODS do not detract from its overall importance as a truly seminal work on tokusatsu. That's why it is such a shame that it only exists as a small press book while lesser works were afforded far wider distribution. In his remembrance of Guy Tucker, August Ragone reports that Guy intended to revise AGE OF THE GODS. To me, that just compounds the tragedy of Tucker's untimely passing. I would dearly have loved to see him reshape that manuscript into a more solid and fully realized form, and deliver on the promise of the masterpiece that was on the verge of happening.

I have read that August Ragone is going to revise AGE OF THE GODS himself, in the hopes of interesting a publisher in bringing into back into print. I wish him the best for success. AGE OF THE GODS deserves better than to be consigned to obscurity.

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Friday, March 20th, 2009
10:34 pm - Ishimori's Dream (This Will Be On My Blog On Monday)
Artist Shōtarō Ishimori built this pyramid on top of his house to test the theory of pyramid power. "Instead of thinking up new stories," he laments, "I usually wind up drinking saké and admiring the moon."
--Frederik L. Schodt, Manga! Manga! The World of Japanese Comics, 1983

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Wednesday, March 18th, 2009
8:00 pm - Offered With Commentary
There's nothing more embarrassing than blowing the deadline on a mini-series. (Laughter.)
--Keith Giffen, interviewed by Dwight Jon Zimmerman
Comics Interview #20 (Feb. 1985)

I guess we can safely say that a lot of comics creators, including Keith Giffen himself, have developed a healthy tolerance of embarrassment during the years since this interview took place.

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Friday, March 13th, 2009
11:57 pm - I want a show of hands here
Who else saw the BATMAN #1 cover image in the WATCHMEN movie?

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
11:30 pm - Unexpected Return Of An Old Friend At Work
Namely, The Trashcan Which Is On Fire.

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Monday, March 2nd, 2009
12:15 am - Teaser


It was but one strained, whispered word, but it spoke volumes. Shinsei Hinotori sat in front of the staticky screens of Skywatch's command center. The mission he had been monitoring - Jetman's infiltration of Nemesis' base at Jigoku-dani - had obviously gone wrong. Horribly wrong. A massive energy surge had flared up right when communications had been abruptly cut off.

"This is bad," his companion Michiru Oshima muttered in disbelief.

"I'm not sure it could be much worse," Shinsei said as he stared at the screens despondently.

"What...what can we do?" Michiru asked.

Shinsei rubbed his face. "I don't know. If Jetman has lost, I'm not sure what anyone can do."

"I'll tell you what we can do!" an unfamiliar voice announced confidently. "We can take the fight to Nemesis ourselves!"

Shinsei and Michiru whirled around in surprise to face their unexpected guest. They were greeted by what appeared to be a handsome Japanese man attired smartly in a suit, tie, and hat. He almost looked like an anachronism in the 21st Century. Yet his manner betrayed to them that there was far more to him than was apparent.

"Who the devil are you?" Hinotori inquired sharply. "How did you get into Skywatch?"

The mysterious man tipped his hat with a knowing smile. "There are few places I cannot access, if it suits my purposes. As for my name, I have lately been answering to...Mr. Hoshi."

"Well, I've never heard of you!" Shinsei retorted angrily.

"No, I suppose you haven't," Mr. Hoshi noted. "Ken Tendo would never have volunteered that we had crossed paths, and as for his father..."

"Ryu?!" Shinsei exclaimed as he jumped to his feet and grabbed the stranger by his lapels. "What do you know about Ryu Tendo? What's happened to him?"

"Patience, my good man," Mr. Hoshi cautioned as he effortlessly slipped from Shinsei's grip. "I will explain everything, and then..."


"Then, we will endeavor to save the universe."


New Return of Jetman Episode 6 - "Beyond The Universe" will premiere March 10, 2009 at www.returnofjetman.com. Don't miss it!

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Friday, February 27th, 2009
4:26 pm - Compare & Contrast
Here's something potentially interesting. How much changes when I write something off of the top of my head (here) and then take the time to refine it (the other blog)?

Dick Dillin Rediscovered (Feb. 20, 2009)


Dick Dillin Rediscovered (Feb. 27, 2009)


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Thursday, February 26th, 2009
11:06 pm - Iron Shocking News
I have never made it a big secret that I am not the biggest fan of the Japanese superhero show IRON KING. This makes me a bit of an anomaly among old school fans of the genre, I realize, but I never connected with the show. And yet? Yet, today I was thrilled to get the American release of it via an Amazon seller.

I suppose I should explain. I have been enjoying SUPER ROBOT RED BARON mixed in with my KIKAIDA discs here and there. I picked up RED BARON for cheap during my visit with sara_the_puu last month. It's a fun show, which makes the fact that BCI/Eclipse, the company that put it out, is no out of business. They are the same company that released IRON KING. Perhaps you are seeing where I am heading.

I've changed my mind in the past about certain releases, so it's always possible I could fall in love with IRON KING someday. And hey, the darn thing is subtitled now, too! The problem is that both RED BARON and IRON KING are destined to go out of print, if they aren't already. There is already a certain dealer on Amazon Marketplace wanting over $60 for RED BARON, and I expect those prices to increase as time passes.

So I bit the bullet and picked up IRON KING while it is still cheap. I figure TEN BUCKS now is not too much for a show I might like, as opposed to possibly shelling out ten times that amount two or three years down the road.

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Friday, February 20th, 2009
8:41 pm - Dick Dillin Rediscovered
It took me awhile to figure it out, but Dick Dillin is my favorite comic book artist. I don't mind admitting that fact, either.

Dick Dillin was already a comics veteran when he drew the assignment of JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA in 1968. Not only did Dillin take on the job, but he drew that title for 12 years, and handled impossible crowds of heroes, villains, and assorted others with an unusual knack. He thrilled my kiddie mind in that book, and others he drew like WORLD'S FINEST COMICS AND DC COMICS PRESENTS. I had no idea who he was for the majority of those years, but his peculiar brand of staging made a deep impression on me. It's perhaps not always the best or most fluid presentation, but it always gripped me.

Dick Dillin passed away in 1980, just as it was starting to dawn on me who he was. As the years have slipped away, I find I miss his presence more and more, and I seek out any old comic I can find with Dillin artwork. DC's Showcase Presents series has made it possible for me to catch up on his work on books like BLACKHAWK and HAWKMAN from before my time. Plus, he drew JLA from #64 to #183. While I have read a lot of those stories, I'm still nowhere close to owning all of them.

Here's to you, Dick Dillin. I wish you could have gotten more recognition in your lifetime, but I'll do my part to see you aren't forgotten.

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